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Home decoration is important for being considered. There are so many things you can add to your house decoration to make it to be more attractive and personalized. In case of decorating your rooms, you will need to make your room to be completed with some kinds of fabric. It is actually easy for you because you will find so much easiness in having the room to be decorated with many kinds of fabrics. At first, you can get the fabric for being the furniture cover like sofa or seats. Then, you will also need fabrics for the things like drapes and also the pillow and bedding.

When you are looking for the best fabrics for your house decoration you are recommended to have the best one from online fabric store. This is because you will get it easier to choose the fabric you want if you deal with the online stores. But, you have to also be sure that the online stores available are also having the building and physical stores to make sure that you can get guarantee of quality and also the sureness in shopping the fabrics you need for your house decoration which needs fabrics.

You don’t have to be afraid of not getting what you want. There are plenty designs which are made by the designers to meet your style. It is important for you to get the house to be decorated with quality fabrics. By having the fabrics with best quality you will find it to be even easier in getting the fabric for your house decoration which will be good and also attractive. You will also find that the staffs are friendly and will help you in choosing and determining which one will be your best fabrics to decorate your house to be more beautiful.

The Perks of Creating a Basement Apartment

If you have unused basement space, there are any number of things you can do to use that space to its fullest. One of these involves actually transforming your basement into an apartment, whether for a renter or even a grown child. Guy Solomon focuses solely on basement remodels and transformations, and he can help you discover the hidden potential your basement has to offer.

Consider the Available Space

Some homes have full basements; others only have half basements. Before you decide to convert your space into an apartment, consider the square footage and comfort. Perhaps you have room for a bedroom, a small bathroom, and an open concept living/kitchen space. Next, consider any load-bearing walls or columns and to incorporate them into the design. Finally, think of things such as ductwork and any damp areas as you will need to tackle these before you create a living space.

Create a Dry, Private Space with a Private Entry

Of course, it is important to make sure the space is dry, so Guy Solomon will work to seal any gaps and cracks and install a dehumidifier, if necessary. What’s more, if you want a true apartment, then you will need to create a private entry. After all, you do not want your tenant coming through your home every time he or she decides to come or go. You might also want to add some windows for light, insulation for comfort, and soundproofing to ensure that you and your tenant do not bother each other with noise.

To Furnish or Not to Furnish?

Whether you choose to furnish your basement apartment is a personal choice. For the most part, if your adult child will use the space while saving money for a down payment, you may want to furnish it. Otherwise, if you will simply list your apartment on Craigslist, furnishing is not necessary. If you choose to furnish the apartment, be sure to do so neutrally and with a modern yet timeless style. This is appealing to tenants as it still gives them room to customize their space on their own.

Provide Some Amenities

If you will rent to tenants, consider advertising to people who are new to your area and who want a place to stay while settling in. Your basement apartment may include amenities much like a hotel in this instance, including fluffy, exquisite towels, meals, furnishings, Wi-Fi access, and even brochures and maps of the area. Although permanent residency is not likely in this event, you still have a great way to earn some extra money on the side with a part of your home that was previously unused.

Guy Solomon and his team finish and remodel basements exclusively. They concentrate on every single element of the space, including structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and functional design. Whether you have a small, partially-finished basement or a large, untouched space, they can help you build the apartment of your dreams – and one that appeals to potential tenants, too.

Windows Replacement Guide

People always have strong will to change their home for the better. They get many different means to achieve this goal and one of them is windows replacement.

So when the time for windows replacement or for simple renovation comes, you need to go windows shopping. And when you start looking for something special in Atlanta windows market, you will find countless options for your new interior; the variety is very wide from inexpensive off-the-shelf models to designer’s versions. And here comes the key element of the whole reconstruction process – to match your home’s style to the style of your old windows. Moreover, always think about the energy efficiency, easiness of operation and low-maintenance of your windows replacement so you will have a possibility to clean, repair and paint them easily.

In all the times wood was the most popular material for windows replacement in Atlanta. Today they have different styles from the classic Colonial to a very modern hi-tech. But at the same old wooden framed windows are very leaky and after some time they allow cold air into your house in winter and let warm air from the house go out. Nowadays new versions of frames for windows replacement, like vinyl, wood, aluminum, and also composite construction give you the possibility to get the same classic look but with a material that is rot and insect proof and will always save the money on your energy bills.

So to start from, take a good look at your home and its style. Walk around the house, estimate you exterior and afterward go inside for interior. Determine what style you have and what you want to achieve; take some notes or even take pictures to remember what you want. Furthermore, walk around the neighborhood and take a look at the other houses. It is very useful because you may find what you need at the existing house and it will save your time when purchasing your new windows replacement.

Windows should match the climate you live at, so here are some useful tips for Atlantic region inhabitants.

Atlantic Northwest

Residents of the Northeast simply adore their views, and often look for window replacement made of glass but still thinking of energy efficiency of their homes.

Best choice: Here you need to make moisture-resistant window replacement and choose special materials for it. The best materials for such region are wood-resin composite, vinyl, or fiberglass. Also you need to choose windows which are high resistant to temperature transference; check U-values of 0.3 or lower for the best insulative properties.

Worst choices: It is advised not to choose wooden window replacement because they offer very little rot resistance, and can be a very risky choice in moist climates.

Atlantic Southwest

The region of the Atlanta city is full of contrasts: it is temperate during the summer and very cool in the winter time. Here you will need strong insulative protection.

Best choice: You will need intense protection from the sun, so look for window replacement with good solar heat resistance; the best choice is having SHGC below 0.3.

Worst choice: Shoddy window construction after the Gold Rush is the most popular here. They are mostly single-pane and very cheap with very little solar heat resistance.

Janina Cronverk a professional interior designer shares her experience about the best choices of windows replacement in Atlanta and the Atlantic Northwest with her readers.

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Fantasy House Made True

Fantasy HouseThings you see around are beautiful, but things you see far away must be the wonder one. Every traveller that has seen more part of the world knows that beyond the territory lays more beauties and uniqueness to find. Bringing some best place you have been to your house has merely a little part of that. Local souvenir and travel photos together with the memories you have can’t satisfy what you crawl when what you want is to bring its spark home.


When you want more than just souvenirs to capture all the beauty of artistic culture you find and bring it to your home real life and real things, check out maison du monde. It brings you the practical version of cultural beauty from all over the world; exotic Africa, charming Asia, rustic Europe and more. From beauties that are sometimes hard to describe to real things at your home; from living room to bathroom. Both for designing and decorating, designs from maisons du monde will bring your most memorable voyage and place alive. Whether you incorporate the touches to the major features like outdoor landscape or façade, bring it alive into small yet lovely things like cushion, comforters or decorative sculpture and else or whether you use the cultural touches both for major and minor features at your home, choices are various as colourful as the four seasons and as rich as cultures itself.


If you want to make bold where you are from or you are one that loves to make your space a welcome place that opens to all, here it is possible to make your house a hub for as many cultures as possible. Stuffs are not only made based on cultural inspirations but also with highest precision and attention to detail, bringing you the beauty that last as last as the cultures itself. Eventually it is the divine beauty that now made practical for your house everyday’ beauty.


If beauty is too ordinary for you, let your fantasy be real through maisons insolites. It is where the real things are not just the complementary, but the main menu. Make your house as fantasy as those in fairytale is now also made possible. Or, if you want to play saver yet still want to keep the magic touches, let the fantasy be at your house decorative. Choose your fantasy house; whether it is on the ground or at the trees.

Ways to Shape Buxus Plants

Okay, you want to make your landscape looks more attractive with buxus, then what should you do? You know, when it comes to this green shrubs, the possibility is numerous since, you can shape this plant in many ways. Speaking of shaping, do you think it is merely about cutting here and there, in fact, there are some thumb rules you need to follow if you yearn for a perfect result for your satisfaction. When it comes to shape this typical boxwood, it is pivotal if you know the right time to shape this plant, so then, you don’t need to deal with unnecessary thing in the future.

 Ways to Shape Buxus Plants

You know whether you treat this plant as hedge plant, topiary plant, border plant, bonsai and potted plant, knowing the basic ideas about how to shape or trim your green shrubs will worth it. Nevertheless, in the time you ready to process buxus buy from particular site like for the seedling for instance, the next thing is about planting the shrubs. After some days when it grows, then in the way to make it more inviting, the pruning or shaping is another thing you need to do.

When it comes to prune or shape your buxus plants, here are some things you need to know; twice a year within June and the time somewhere in the interval of August and September if you want to make your shrubs grow just like you want. Another pivotal thing you need to know when you shaping or pruning your decorative shrubs by yourself, be sure that you do it in a typical cloudy day to avoid discoloration of its leaves. Next it is about the tool that is used to shape the plant. Speaking of which depending on the way you shape or prune your decorative shrubs, you can use electric secateurs, manual secateurs, or standard scissor.