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All You Need To Know About Rising Damp: Detection And Cure

If your house has been affected by dampness, it is vitally important to take the matter seriously and get rid of the problem at once. However, there are several different kinds of damp and each of them has cures that are varying in technique and methodology. The most common form of damp to affect homes is condensation. This is caused by moist air constantly coming in contact with the house or leaking into the annulus between walls and condensing from pipelines. However, condensation based dampness is easily treated. If you have rising damp, on the other hand, the matter is way more severe and may cause any level of problems and can potentially cost a lot of money. Here is all you need to know about rising damp treatment.
What is rising damp?
Often, the ground that your house is built on, although proofed to ensure that the water content there is controlled, will often have high levels of water. This water can seep through the pores in the bricks or even stones that form the basement of your house through capillaries. Eventually, they moisten your floor or carpeting and then continue to rise up through the walls of your house. While this may not immediately be noticeable directly, you can usually spot rising damp when the paint of your house peels of at the bottom or there is a significant concentration of mould.
How is rising Damp Treated?
Rising damp treatment is done by identifying the cause of the damp and eliminating it. It may seem like a benign problem and you may consider simply painting you walls over the damp to make sure that it doesn’t look ugly, but eventually and pretty soon at that, your new paint will also be subject to the harms of high moisture content. More importantly, your house will be significantly colder in the winter months and be hot and stuffy in the summer. It can also cause a number of health problems. Houses have a damp proof course to make sure that the dampness from the ground doesn’t reach the top. If water is reaching your walls, it is possible that the damp proofing is faulty. Professional damp proofing personnel will usually deal with the situation by drilling a hole down to the damp proofing layer and examining the extent of damage.
It may often be required to re-install the entire damp proofing in your house, especially if the problem is not evident from outside examination. This is not an intricate job but requires considerable expenditure, as courses of damp proofing have to be bought and applied around the structure of your house to make sure that the water does not rise. There are several chemicals available that help, including but not limited to water-repellent creams, salt mixtures that block pores at the bottom of your house, as well as semi-permeable membranes that prevent water from rising upwards. It is often the best course of action to invest in them.

Tips Before You Buy A Carpet

If you’re thinking of buying a new carpet there are some important things you should know. Trust us for we are experts in carpet cleaning in Finchley and we know what we are talking about.

Having a carpet is an essential part of your home, bringing beauty and style but do you know how to pick the right one? Most homeowners have absolutely no idea that finding the appropriate textile flooring is quite difficult and requires measurements, research and taste. There are some basic and essential things you have to take into consideration before hading to the store. The first one is to set a budget because there are carpets worth as much as a house.

What Should You Know About Carpets?

If you don’t know, there are basically two types of carpets depending on the material they’re made of – natural and synthetic. Of course, there are also those made of mixed fibers, but they’re not as intriguing as the first two. So each type has advantages and disadvantages, for which you have to know. For example, most natural fibered carpets are moisture sensitive and require dry cleaning, you have to be very careful when a stain or a spill occurs and contact carpet cleaning company right away.

As for the synthetic ones, they’re not as durable as natural fibered ones and they accumulate static. Their advantage is that most of them are covered with a layer of protective coating, which makes them water and stain resistant at some level. This doesn’t mean you can spill your drinks and leave the stain, you have to clean it as soon as possible. Other thing you should take into consideration is the room you’ll be placing the carpet into.

For example, for the kitchen you’ll have to look for a carpet that will withstand a lot of traffic and stains. As for the living room you should go for something fine and beautiful if you want to impress your guests. An authentic Oriental handmade carpet will do just fine, but it is quite expensive and demands special attention. There are some unwritten laws about how big the carpet should be depending on the size of the room and and placement of the furniture.

Do not underestimate the power of the colour, there are some that just don’t match and if you’re not careful you risk making the room ungracious. To make the perfect choice I recommend you contact an interior designer – the service price will pay off in great results. Last but not least keep in mind that you’ll have to clean the carpet, therefore choose one that is easy to maintain. Some require regular vacuuming, more than once a week, other demand special cleaning solutions. Your best option is to consult with a carpet cleaning company.

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape Lighting

Building a patio is a great addition to any home. It creates an outdoor world that brings your living room into nature. Building one does require preparation. A well built patio requires the correct base stones, drainage, and well laid pavers.  But one aspect is overlooked, typically for budgeting reasons.  The patio is in the dark 12 hours a day, don’t make lighting it up an after thought.

Before you install wire your wall – this means put 12-2 wire in the retaining wall. Hardscape lighting is the umbrella term that covers any aspect of lighting a patio. Typically retaining wall lights are what most think of with this term.  They are slim low profile lights that slip under the cap blocks of retaining walls. Other lights are spot lights, down lights, and up lights. They all act to add extra lighting effects to the patio. Make sure to do your homework and not overlook hardscape lighting.

Save Big on High-Speed Satellite Internet

It’s hard to believe that in the modern era, some people don’t have access to high-speed Internet services, but this is exactly the predicament that millions of rural customers experience each year. They’re stuck with dial-up if they want to have any Internet at all. This puts the majority of online content out of reach. Movies, music, and images simply take too long to download to suit the common Internet user’s tastes.

Companies like Hughesnet internet saw the dilemma of rural Internet customers and developed a satellite Internet service that rivals even modern cable company speeds. Not only does Hughes seek to eclipse the weaknesses of dial-up, but they strive to provide superior high-speed Internet service for customers stuck in locations where cable just isn’t an option. The result has been an economical and enticing array of both speed and access.

Advantages of Satellite Internet

– Satellite Internet is the most widely accessible Internet around. You can get satellite Internet from literally anywhere in the world no matter how far away from local city hubs you are.

– Dial-up ties up phone lines. Satellite Internet is always-on, so you never have to connect through a phone line and miss out on important calls.

– Cheaper than the majority of cable companies. You’re going to get a much better deal by going with satellite than you do with cable. Not only do you get the blazing fast speeds you need to run modern streaming and music services, but you get to save hundreds of dollars on your annual Internet budget. It’s the best of both worlds.

Beyond just necessity

People incorrectly think of satellite Internet as a last resort type of Internet. You get it when you can’t afford to get cable or when you don’t have access to even dial-up. In reality, satellite Internet is the preferred method of Internet for people who prefer a middle of the road tech solution. If you want to free up phone lines, increase speeds and enjoy movies and music, and get a great value for your trouble, then satellite Internet is your best bet. It’s the high-speed you need without a bloated list of features thrown in by some Internet companies. While it’s accessibility is still its greatest feature, the advances in satellite Internet make it a great asset to its loyal fans. Sites like Hughes make it possible to save big on satellite Internet.

5 ways to add more colours to your home by adding Cushions


Just like we have some people in our lives that are very important to us, but their presence is like breeze – we know they are with us all the time yet we don’t see them.

In terms of interior decoration, the cushions are kind of same as a breeze. They are an integral part of our house, but they know how to blend in with other components in a way that we can’t see them.

However, if played nicely, cushions can help us pump up the place or as we like to say it, they can add more colors in our house in a totally subtle manner.

We have created a list of elements where you can play with cushions to add more zest and appeal. Please bear with us;

  • Bed

Bedrooms and beds are incomplete without each other. Also, the bed is incomplete without bed sheets, pillows, cushions, throws etc. Now if you have used neutral or pastel shades in your bedroom and you want to spice it up a bit then we suggest you focus on your bed area and devise ways to push its look.

You can’t go outright bright with orange, yellow or red. However, slight bold choices can make a great impact. For instance, if your room is following themes like light gray, slight cream, or pale purple and you have strictly coordinated decor too then it will definitely look sophisticated but also a tad bit dull.

The solution to this problem is by adding little colorful elements that won’t hurt the sophistication of the room and yet eliminate the dull factor.

Usually colorful cushions or printed bed sheets can help you achieve the target.

  • Floor

Continuing the same assumption we established earlier, your room has a sophisticated look because of a reason – which is that you are fond of soft look and feel. So there can be a possibility that you want to add colors in your room but not on the bed since you use it a lot and you don’t want to disturb the zen of the bed.

In this case, we have come up with a solution of going for a floor setup. You can make an absolutely amazing sitting area with the help of rugs, throws, cushions etc very easily and within budget.

  • Chair/couch/any sitting place

Your house must be home to plenty of furniture like chairs, couches, dining table etc. However, all of them are not covered with throws or have cushions. It is an interesting way of adding life to any pale furniture with cushions of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

We suggest you to explore the malls for inspiration on how to coordinate different colors and textures when it comes to chairs and cushions.

  • Outdoors

The outdoors furniture is the most neglected one. We pay attention to our outdoor environment and decorate it but somehow forget to maintain it. The reason of our neglect is that the outdoors isn’t used that much by us. However, it is as important to update the outdoor area of your house as you pay attention to your personal space.

We suggest you to buy cushions for outdoor furniture and go for contrasting colors as it will bring out more energy to the place.

  • Decorative Accessories

Cushions were made to serve human beings – be their back when they sit, be their pillow when they sleep, be their table when they work on the laptop. However, we all fail to acknowledge one of the biggest functions of the cushions i.e. they can also serve as decorative accessories for our house.

You can simply place character cushions for your kids’ room or place cushions with cool quotes in your living room or kitchen. The possibilities to experiment with the cushions are limitless. We just have to open our minds towards the idea of cushions as decorative accessories.