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How to do Termite Inspection to spot termites in your home

Are you worried thinking about termites eating your house, literally from underneath your feet? Ewww, just the thought gives us goosebumps! Termites are the silent home destructors, often causing extensive damage, but what is even more annoying is that they can often be extremely difficult to spot. Termites eat wood from the inside out, so usually you won’t see the surface damage. However, if you miss the signs, then suddenly you’ll find you’re paying out thousands of pounds on construction work to rescue your home. The good news is, termites actually move pretty slowly and so you have a bit of time to catch them! The trick is, you need to know what you’re looking for, and do regular inspections to spot the damage. So, we’ve put together some top tips to look out for when doing your home termite inspections.

1 Look out for wings

If you detect any winged termites, around or inside your house (most likely around your windowsills or door entrances), then chances are you have a nest nearby using the wood in your home as a food source. Termites are willing to travel hundreds of feet to reach a feeding site, so the nest may not always be immediately obvious.

How to do Termite Inspection to spot termites in your home

But what do winged termites look like? They have a wide waist and two sets of wings, the rear being the same size as the front wings. They also have a straight, beaded antennae, which differs to that of flying ants for example.

2 Identify their lifeline – mud tubes

Soil, wood cellulose and other particulate matter make up the mud tubes, which are found mainly along the foundation of your house. You will have to pay particular attention around your pipes, attic or access points to your house. These mud tubes offer the termites a closed protective environment to maintain the humidity levels they need to survive. Believe it or not, termites can actually dry out very quickly if they don’t have the right environment.

So what do the mud tubes look like? They are approximately the thickness of a pencil or straw and look like dried dirt. These hollow tunnels can be straight or curved depending on where the termites need to get too to find moisture, food or shelter. If you find one of these mud tubes, simply take out a small section ensuring the two ends of the tube are not disturbed. If the seals you’ve taken out are plugged back in after a couple of days, it is a sign you do indeed have termites active in your home.

Another way to check for the presence of termites is to follow the mud tubes up to the main source for example structural beam. Try tapping it with a screwdriver – if it makes a hollow noise and the screwdriver goes in easily then you’ve got termites. Unfortunately, if you have advanced stages of termite infestation you’ll be able to start to see the damaged wood, inside you’ll noticed the excavated long, deep parallel grooves with small amounts of encrusted mud tubes present.

Our recommendation is, if you suspect the presence of termites then it better to call an expert immediately. They’ll be able to survey the damage effectively and supply you with accurate information to be able to get rid of your termite issue once and for all. Visit antitermite to read more about termite controlling.

The best garage doors you really need

The best garage doors you really needOften taken for granted, garage doors are something most homeowners don’t worry until the time comes when they find out that the doors can’t work properly. So to avoid the hassle and keep your garage door working smoothly for years, you need searching for them since now with the aim to find a real strong garage for you and for safety of your car.

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It’s the supplier and installer of:

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The company supplies and can install whenever you want glideaway domestic overhead sectional garage doors, glideaway security grilles, glideaway insulated sectional garage doors – timber/steel, glideaway roller shutter doors,and so on.

Butzbach range of doors includes fiberglass stacking doors, mobile partition doors, sliding doors and so many doors which you can enjoy seeing and having as your garage door. Benefits of these doors are:

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Prepare any recipe with this unique grill

Prepare any recipe with this unique grillIf you are looking for a very good grill but you do not know which one to choose online or from the local shops that are offered to you, you can trust us to provide you with the best grill ever. What you have to do, is only to choose the one you like from the great variety of grills presented by the company. They differ from each other by their design and looks, as well as few functions. You can just order and pick up whatever you need for your outdoor activities.

You may have outgrown your current grill or maybe are looking to try new ways for outdoor cooking to develop your skill in outdoor kitchen. You can be assured that these grills are just what you need. Its unique cooking system generates 100% infrared heat which differs greatly from that of the traditional gas grills and directly cooks your food. The patented infrared cooking system of this company keep the air away from the cooking environmental place, removing the food’s natural moisture, producing moisture, more juicy results.

This grill’s infrared cooking system is produced and designed with fuel efficiency in mind. This patented IR cooking system uses infrared’s longer energy wave to more effective and efficiently cook food, locking in moisture and reducing your time which you spend on cooking in your kitchen. You will now cook faster, reducing your gas consumption by 30%. It means that you will save your money and environment. Besides you will save you time and will have more time spending other activities you like but cooking. Cooking will last few minutes for you.

A Primo Ceramic Grill will turn you into the best outdoor chef due to cooking versatility and by the infusion of flavor in foods. With its building and design a Primo Ceramic Grill holds in the heat and natural moisture of the food it prepares. At the end you get a food really delicious. Traditional metal style grills give off much heat, and remove the moisture from the food being cooked. Primo grills never burn the food, because its outer part has a lower temperature than traditional metal grills. You can prepare anything you want with the help of it -hamburgers, bake authentic wood-fired pizza, or smoke tender fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs. So for more info about the company and its products, visit website right now.

Spokane Trophy Turf Spring

Spokane Trophy Turf SpringMarch in Eastern Washington can be rather unpredictable. Shrubs and lawns can be crusted with snow during the first week of the month, and then, within just a few weeks, temperatures rise enough for flower and leaf buds to show signs of life.

With the weather quickly changing there are several spring cleanup tasks that are always necessary for a health landscape. Burlap should be removed from trees and shrubs and any branches that didn’t survive the cold winter months should be pruned to make room for new growth. If you didn’t have the chance in the fall, it is also a good idea to cut back perennials and remove old annuals.

Follow this “Spring Checklist” to ensure your yard and garden are ready for the warm summer months.

Perennials & Grasses

You’ll want to make sure to prune your perennials to a height of 4-6 inches to allow to growth to sprout up. With the soil thawed be sure to dig up perennials to thin crowded beds; divide them up in three or so stems each clump and move them to fill in open areas. Cut back damaged rose canes below the blackened area. Keep younger green canes and remove older woody ones.

Rake Out Beds

It is important to rake out any fallen leaves and dead foliage from the fall and winter, and remove spent annuals. To be ready for the new years mulch it is a good time to remove all old mulch to make room. This is an opportune time to lay down pelletized fertilizer on the soils surface which makes it easier for the spring rain to deliver to the roots. We recommend a 5-10-10 fertilizer around bulbs for maximum bloom and a square head shovel to keep a nice line around your beds.

Shrubs and Trees

Prune away branches that are dead or that have been damaged by the winter cold. Prune summer flowering shrubs before buds swell, but for spring bloomers you’ll want to wait till after they flower. And for overgrown evergreens trim back to a branch in the direction you want to encourage growth.


Take advantage of all of the leaves and spent foliage by dumping them into a compost pile. Shredding leaves and chipping branches over an ½ inch in diameter will help speed decomposition. Keeping the pile moist and aerating with a pitch fork every several weeks is ideal.

Lawn Care

You will typically start to see grass start to grow in late March or April. Remove any grass damaged by salt, plows and disease preparing for seeding that should be done later in a few weeks. A ½ inch or so of compost will help keep the new seed moist. A good time to begin seeding is when forsythia begins to bloom.

By following some of these steps you’ll have a beautiful landscape ready for the summer. If you don’t have the time, tools or patience to perform spring lawn care give us a call, we’d be happy to help get your yard ready for the summer.

The Benefits Of Professional Garden Design

Professional garden design can provide you with an area to relax, somewhere for the kids to play, or somewhere to sit and entertain. If you have enough outdoor space, then your garden could provide you with all of these features and more. Your professional designer will be able to listen to your requirements and ideas before implementing them, and because of the extensive knowledge that they have regarding materials and planting, they will be able to ensure that your garden looks great for as long a period as possible.

Unique Ideas

Most people get ideas for exterior design from magazines, and not only might some these be unsuitable for the area that you live in, or even the condition of your soil, lighting, and other environmental factors, but they don’t take into account your personal preferences. A garden designer will listen to your ideas, take your preferences and requirements into account, and then come up with unique ideas to meet those requirements. You can enjoy a good looking, functional garden, that meets your needs and is different to the designs that you see every day.

Extensive Knowledge Of Planning And Planting

Planning a garden effectively means considering many aspects, from the amount of light present in different areas of the garden to which plants will grow in a particular area or in certain types of soil. A professional gardener will be able to determine soil type, light levels, and other factors, and they will be able to create a design and planting plan that not only takes these into account but uses these factors to benefit the design.

Achieve The Results You Want

One of the most important aspects of choosing a garden designer is to choose one that will work with you to create the garden that you want. You are employing their expertise and knowledge, but it is you that knows what you want. You know whether you are willing to put hours a week into garden maintenance, or you want something that only requires minimal maintenance.

You know whether you want to entertain, or whether you want a wild garden that is there primarily for your benefit. You know whether you want to be able to prepare and eat meals in the garden during the more pleasant summer season. You also know which colours, what types of plant, and even the types of exterior structure that you like. Your garden designer should listen to all of your requirements and preferences, in order that they can come up with a design that delivers the results that you want.

Professional Garden Designers

Garden designers are not only knowledgeable, but they are experienced too. They will know where to get the best equipment, will have access to the right tools for the job, and they will know how to achieve certain looks and specific results, when you may not be aware of these facts. Accessing this knowledge and experience is as important as accessing a keen eye for exterior design in a lot of cases.

Garden Club London specialises in the design of urban gardens and urban exteriors, so even if you are severely limited in space, have a particularly shadowy garden, or want a roof garden designed from scratch, they can help make the most of your external space.