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Social entrepreneurship can make a major impact in the world

Social entrepreneurship can make a major impact in the world

Social entrepreneurs can be considered as society’s change agents today. This is because they are creators of innovations that are transforming our world. They bring in positive change, and their impact helps to improve society fundamentally.

The kind of work being done ranges from using technology for addressing social problems like the reporting of human rights violations, to helping underprivileged children by making them literate. These include varied kinds of works ranging from making hammock chair in Nicaragua by employing people with disabilities; to having sewing cooperative in Brazil with fair labor practices. Then there are people teaching homeless children at the same train stations where they are begging.

All these are rare individuals who are introducing solutions to major but seemingly intractable social problems. These are people who are imaginative and inspirational. The concept of microloans has empowered people to become economically self-sufficient. This same microcredit model is being replicated all around the world today.

Social entrepreneurship is all about doing and not just talking. These are people who are relentlessly focused on creating an impact.

This is not about charity any more. This is because social entrepreneurs are not giving people fish. They are teaching people how to fish. These major social issues like increasing higher education enrollment rate for low-income students are aimed at fighting poverty. The others like making hammock chair are focused on providing employment opportunities to those who face difficulty in finding and keeping them!

Social entrepreneurship is in all kinds of organizations like nonprofits, social-purpose ventures, in addition to for-profit organizations. The mission here is to generate social value and not wealth creation. But this does not mean that wealth creation cannot happen. In fact, it may become an integral part of the process, as we can see happening in the making of hammock chair at The real objective here is to promote systemic social change.

Social entrepreneurs tend to see what others miss. They are looking at opportunities that will help them to improve systems while creating solutions. These are new approaches being invented that are able to create social value. All this requires intense focus and a well-driven approach in order to pursue this social vision.

Even though social entrepreneurs are operating within a social context, but they are still operating in the business world. They may be having limited access to capital and various other market support systems. But still they need to mobilize human, financial and various other resources in order to achieve profits for their venture.

Choosing the right garden furniture

Choosing the right garden furniture

When buying furniture for your garden, you generally have 4 choices – rattan, plastic, teak or softwood. Which is the best for use in your garden? This article will explain your choices and walk you through the pros and cons of each.

Rattan garden furniture

Rattan can be natural or synthetic. Natural rattan is made from the stems of palms from rattan trees – a group of tree species found in tropical parts of the world. It has a ‘weaved’ appearance that looks like wicker. Synthetic rattan has a similar appearance but is made from plastic. This type of garden furniture is very popular in the UK due to its resistance to wet conditions. The weaved rattan material is usually combined with metal and glass, giving it a contemporary look that is very much in fashion at the moment. This is appealing to some, whereas other people prefer more traditional wooden garden furniture.


Plastic garden furniture is lightweight, cheap and cheerful. Although it can sometimes break after several years or months of use, it is extremely weather resistant. Unlike wood or metal, it is immune to rot, rust or other weather damage and can easily be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water. The obvious drawback is that it looks cheap! – Wood and rattan certainly have a more premium look.


Teak is a tropical species of hardwood. It’s very durable and is traditionally used in shipbuilding as well as both indoor and outdoor furniture. When used indoors teak often has oils applied to its surface to preserve its appearance. Outdoors, it tends to be left to weather and adapts a silvery colour. There are two main disadvantages to teak garden furniture – it’s heavy and comparatively expensive.


Compared to teak, softwood garden furniture is lighter and more affordable, but is also more prone to weather damage if left untreated. There are two ways to combat this – dip treatment and pressure treatment. Dip treatment applies a layer of preservative agents to the surface of the wood, offering a limited amount of protection. Pressure treatment on the other hand uses a vacuum tank to force the preserving liquid deep into the fibre of the wood, offering a superior level of protection (here’s a great article explaining how pressure treatment works).

If you prefer very modern looking garden furniture then rattan might be best for you. If you’re on a very tight budget I would suggest going for some cheap & cheerful plastic garden furniture. If you prefer wooden garden furniture, teak is certainly high quality but that quality comes at a cost. I believe that pressure treated softwood combines the best of both worlds – it’s aesthetically pleasing, lighter and cheaper than teak, and (as long as it is pressure treated) will last for several years.

The Key Benefits Of Polished Porcelain Tiles

Polished porcelain tiles

Polished porcelain tiles are commonly used in a wide variety of interior design projects including construction and floor remodelling. Often they are used in projects where a high quality finish is required. Polished porcelain tiles are made using minerals, clay and water which are combined, put through various processes and then baked at a very high temperature. This process then creates a highly polished look.

The porcelain goes through many different stages of creation, including grinding and firing. The combination of the different processes ensures that the porcelain is not only beautiful at the end, but incredibly durable and hardwearing. Because of these qualities, the polished porcelain is suitable for use in most areas within the home as floor tiles and as wall tiles.

Because of its stunning, glossy finish, polished porcelain tiles create a desirable, attractive look. Here are a few of the key benefits of polished porcelain tiles:


One of the main reasons people choose porcelain tiles, is because they are so durable. It is hardwearing and tough, and much more durable than other flooring materials. As well as being so tough, it also has many other great qualities that make it hardwearing including; frost resistance, fade resistance, moisture resistance and scratch resistance. Because of these excellent qualities, the material can be used in most areas of the home, especially high traffic areas such as corridors, living rooms and dining rooms. When properly sealed they are also great choices for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.


Although the various practical qualities of a tile are very important, naturally we also seek the most attractive tiles. Polished porcelain tiles are popular because they have so many practical benefits, and they look absolutely stunning and can be found in a wide variety of styles. There are natural tones like cream, beige and ivory, as well as adapted tones making the tiles take a marble, wood, limestone or granite appearance. Because there are so many different styles available, homeowners won’t struggle to find a style that suits their project.

Low Maintenance

Polished porcelain is extremely low maintenance for a variety of reasons. It is moisture resistant which prevents mould growth. It isn’t very porous which means it is hygienic and easy to clean. The fact it isn’t very porous also means you don’t have to use anything special to clean it and it won’t provide little gaps for tiny allergens, so it’s a great flooring option for homeowners with allergies.

Choose Polished Porcelain Tiles For Your Home

Choosing polished porcelain tiles for your home is a great decision if you want to enjoy all of the above benefits and more. They are cost-effective, which is great for your bank balance, and they are made using all natural materials so they are also eco-friendly. Choose neutral shades like bone, beige or off-white for more natural looks, or for a timeless look. Choose more prominent looks like rich marble and granite types for a more opulent and dramatic look.

10 DIY hacks to style your Bedside table

10 DIY hacks to style your Bedside table

The bedside table is a very underrated piece of furniture. It serves as a cornerstone to store your night time essentials. Be it a glass of water, your bottle of supplement or your favourite book, you can rely on the old bedside table to dump it.

But if you neglect it, it can quickly turn into an eyesore. Be it your midnight snacks or things from your naughty drawer, things lying unattended on the bedside table does not make a pretty picture.

All it takes is a few ‘DIY hacks’ to convert your bedtime table into an aesthetic focal point that complements the rest of the decor and even stands out on its own.

  1. The Right Colors: Irrespective of whether you have a vintage wooden table or a contemporary design, ensure that you choose the right colors. It is a good idea to store items from the same color family on the table. Contrasting works fine provided, it goes with your linen.

  2. Visual Appeal: It doesn’t always have to be about function though. There’s always room for style. You can add visual appeal with sculptures, candles, flowers or even a cool alarm clock. Ensure that it creates a balance.

  3. Let there be light: Lamps and bedside tables are an unbeatable combination. And the sky is the limit when it comes to experimenting with table lighting. From bold ceramic lamps to elegant traditional designs, you can choose from a variety of styles for your home. The right table lighting can also create the ambience of the room.

  4. Go Vertical: If you are constrained for space, you can experiment with vertical bookshelves which have a smaller horizontal footprint. Apart from the extra storage, it adds a space that you can get creative with. Remember, less is better when it comes to storing things even if there is more room.

  5. The unidentical twins: You can experiment with two different looking bedside tables too as long as the height or the finishes match. Accessorize it well and they will complement each other wonderfully well.

  6. The Multifunctional one: Assess your requirements from your bedside table. Many small homes require tables with storage that can double up as a vanity. Look online for bedside tables with drawers.

  7. Layering: Layering brings a sense of order to an otherwise cluttered piece of furniture. Style your table with decorative items which vary in height. There’s never a dearth of sleek and modern pieces.

  8. Mirror it: Mirrors are the easiest way to add more light and depth to a room and what better place to have your mirror than the bedside table. You can find mirrored bedside tables online.

  9. Play with shapes: You can style your bedside table with items that vary in shapes. Contrast works the best here. Curvy can complement sharp. So, if you have a box shaped table, pair it with an elegant curved lamp or a vase.

  10. Artwork: Artwork can quickly add visual interest to an otherwise mundane piece of decor. Be choosy.

Water Heater Expert in Avon

Every family needs water heater at their home. That’s one important thing we need for a better quality of life. It’s a fact that none of us would like cold water shower in the morning. We need a water at comfortable temperature to make us fresh and ready to our daily activities. Hot water shower is also a great way after work helping us releasing stress. You won’t be able to have that hot water shower without water heater device.

When you are planning to install new water heater there are several factors to consider. It is starting from choosing between gas and electric water heater to determine which brand and model to choose. It must be based on your actual need since the heater must be able to accommodate your family needs while won’t burden you with high energy bill. With lack of knowledge, you may make bad decision. That’s why you need a trusted advice like what you can get from Coopers Water. It is the leading Avon water heater and water conditioner company. This company provides complete services related to water conditioning for customers in Avon and surrounding area. It has top reputation for its high quality services at very competitive rate.

Coppers Water offers complete services ranging from installation to repair and maintenance. This company has extensive experience installing and maintaining water heater from top brands and of all types. Their technicians are trained and experienced to make them very competent. Contact this company and let their team helps you determine which type of water heater suitable with your need. This company will also provide support to make sure the heater will always be on top condition. When it comes to water heater and water conditioning solution here in Avon, there’s no other name to trust than Coppers Water.