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Selecting the Ideal Shower Tray for Your Shower Enclosure: What Material and Size to Choose

Choosing the right shower tray for your shower enclosure is not always an easy task. You will have to consider the budget, the style, and the material, and the amount of time you can spend on maintenance and cleaning should be considered as well. There are many styles and models out there, and it makes choosing harder than ever. However, there are some ways to narrow your options down – start with the practical considerations. Here’s how to select the ideal shower tray for your shower enclosure: what material and size should you choose?


There are three common materials to choose from when it comes to shower trays – there are advantages and disadvantages to each of them. Here is a short list:

  • Reinforced acrylic

This material is often used to form other bathroom fixtures – such as the common bath. The material makes the shower tray very light and flexible. They’re very easy to install because of this. They are actually some of the cheapest shower trays on the market, although perhaps, not as durable as shower trays made from other materials. Still, they do last for a long time.

  • ABS stone resin

Reinforced acrylicThese shower trays are a little stronger than reinforced acrylic shower trays. They last longer as well. ABS stone resin shower trays are manufactured by pouring a blend of stone material and resin into a mould. They are also cost-effective, though a little more expensive than the reinforced acrylic variety. Like reinforced acrylic trays, ABS stone resin shower trays are warm to the touch and available in different designs.

  • Ceramic

Probably the most expensive of the shower trays, ceramic shower trays are of high quality – very strong and extremely durable. Ceramic shower trays can handle heavy duty and are designed to be used a lot, for a long time, by many people. Unfortunately, they come only in limited designs, and unlike the previously mentioned shower trays, ceramic is cold to the touch.

On size

Shower trays come in various sizes and shapes. The standard would be 760 by 760 millimetres. If at all possible, it’s always good to go a little bigger; you’d be surprised at how much difference a small size increase of 100 millimetres can actually mean.

One last point: it’s also important to consider the height of your shower tray – as mentioned, you’d be amazed how much difference an inch or a couple of centimetres can make. Take your time and think it through carefully – it’s an item that should last for a long time despite your whole family using it every day. Start with the material and the size – the shape and style is easier to select once your choices are narrowed down. Remember, it’s an investment, as is a great shower enclosure, so choose wisely.

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4 Ways to Feel Good When Taking a Shower in the Morning

4 Ways to Feel Good When Taking a Shower in the MorningEach day, you need to wake up early for work or for school. As soon as your alarm starts to ring, you feel irritated. The moment you think about hitting the shower, you immediately feel lazy. This is true especially if you slept late the night before. It is always a battle. Thus, each time you think of going to the shower room, you start dragging your heels since you want to go back to bed.

Of course, you have no choice but to get ready and take a shower. If you can’t feel excited about it, there are ways for you to spruce up your usual bathing experience.

  1. Install a Jacuzzi

Instead of using a shower, why not use a Jacuzzi? It feels so luxurious. Each day feels like a spa weekend. You just have to jump in and relax. It takes any stress away. You can even close your eyes for a while as you soak in the Jacuzzi. Though this is totally relaxing, you need to be a bit careful since you might take more time than you have free because you enjoy the experience so much.

  1. Buy different scents

There are certain scents that will surely wake you up instantly in the morning. You can use different scents each day so that you will have something to look forward to. It also makes you feel more optimistic. If you start your day right, then the rest will follow.

  1. Redecorate your shower room

Bathrooms are usually kept simple. As long as the basic items are there, then they are good enough. However, the truth is that you don’t have to keep the place simple when you can do more. You can install a flat screen TV with digital surround sound or buy a sofa that is meant for the bathroom. You can also renovate the bathroom and extend it. If the place looks completely different, then it might make you feel more excited.

  1. Install a shower pod

If you see a shower pod in movies, you automatically think that the owner of the house is rich. It looks so expensive. The truth is that there are inexpensive shower pods that you can easily install. You can now feel like you are one of these rich people if you have one at home. And they make your bathing experience even more private. They are also meant to last for a long time. It also does not matter how big or small your bathroom is.

With these tips, we’re sure you won’t be able to wait to hit the shower.

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3 Reasons To Damp Proof Your Family Home

Having damp in your home is a serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored. With over 50 per cent of homes within in Europe alone suffering from similar issues it is crucial to take the appropriate steps to treat, and then prevent the common yet dangerous occurrence within your home.

Dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building; it is a result of either condensation from outside or from within the structure. It’s a common issue that regularly occurs within homes, it is caused by there being an excessive amount of moisture in the air. Condensation can come about from the outside of your house through rain penetration or even rising damp which is able to seep through from leaking pipes, basements or even damaged roofs and window frames.

Unfortunately during colder months this is when the problem thrives as there is a higher build-up of condensation from indoor heating, washing machines and dryers, cooking and even access moisture from baths and showers. It is crucial for your home to have a proper ventilation system, as if it doesn’t, that then leads to moisture which causes mould.

To avoid excess moisture in your home you will need to tackle the condensation in the rooms that it occurs which is typically the bathroom and kitchen as these two rooms create the most moisture. To ensure the rooms are well ventilated open windows when you are cooking in the kitchen, and showering or bathing in the bathroom. When cooking to reduce the amount of moisture make sure all lids are put on pans. Another thing that creates condensation is drying clothes indoors, so when you can try to dry them outside as much as possible.

Ultimately if your home is suffering from mould not only does it look off putting, it can actually cause serious health problems for you and your household if that doesn’t convince you, here are just 3 reasons to seek out damp proofing Kenwood to protect yourself from the problem.


Mould grows where there is moisture, and being exposed to mouldy environments can cause numerous health problems to you and your family. As all types of mould produces allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores which appear in your home can cause an allergic reaction, coughing and wheezing, throat irritation and difficulty to breath, red eyes and even skin rashes. If a member of your household already suffers from asthma, this can have a damaging effect on them as it can cause severe asthma attacks. Some people are more sensitive to mould than others so if you have any young children, elderly people, and people who suffer with eczema, asthma or have a weakened immune systems it is important that you get treatment in your home as it can lead to serious health problems for them.

House Exterior

As well as causing serious health problems for those in your households, it can affect the structure of your very house and left untreated it can be dangerous. Mould and condensation can appear if your pipes, drainage and gutters are blocked, once you remove the blockage you may find the problem goes away. If it doesn’t it could be that the guttering system is old which means it will need to be replaced in order for your house to function. Other reasons could include cracks in the walls or window frames, or that there is a problem with the roof. If that is the case all of these will need to be replaced for security reasons as well as keeping your house structure intact.

Interior Walls and Ceiling

If your walls are a wet to touch and there have been signs of mould appearing on you walls and ceiling then there is defiantly an excessive amount of moisture in your home. The moisture forms condensation when it meets the cold walls, when this moisture cannot escape mould then forms as well as a dank, musty smell which can be overbearing. The mould can also cause paint to chip off and wallpaper to peel. This means that action must be taken and you should seek out treatment from professionals. Once the treatment has been completed it is best to redecorate the rooms and find ways to prevent the issue from occurring in the future.


How to Properly Optimise the Lifespan of Your Precious Granite Worktop

Let’s admit, granite worktops are not the cheapest worktops you can find. But one aspect that goes for granite is that it does last for a very, very long time – a lifetime, to be precise. Even if the home’s various elements have to be replaced, re-painted, or refurbished after a while, you can rest assured that your granite worktop will not have to be replaced for years to come.

Granite, a natural stone, has been formed through the accumulation of magma from the earth’s core, and is comprised of different materials that have naturally moulded together through the years, such as feldspar and quartz. Granite worktops are unique in that no two worktops are alike – so you are sure that your kitchen worktop is a one-of-a-kind element that can bring a lot of personality to your kitchen.

But of course, despite its natural strength and durability as well as beauty and aesthetic appeal, there are some things you should do to optimise and further prolong your granite worktop’s lifespan. So what can you do in this regard? Let’s find out.

How to Properly Optimise the Lifespan of Your Precious Granite WorktopThe basic – and most proper – way to clean your granite worktop

There may be different ways to clean a granite worktop, but the simplest way is often the best. Some basic cleaning methods for your granite worktop include a daily dusting and wiping as well as a cleaning up after every use. To clean your granite worktop after each use, all you need is a microfibre cloth, water, and a soft, gentle soap.

Once a week, you should make it a point to apply special granite cleaner to your granite worktop (these cleaners can be easily bought at any hardware or home supply shop). These granite cleaners are useful for deeper cleaning, although you can also make use of your own homemade remedies – as long as you do not use vinegar, that is. Vinegar is bad for granite worktops due to its acidic properties.

Simply spray a bit of soap and water on the granite worktop and wipe it with the cloth. Rinse the cloth (or use another cloth) to wipe the worktop dry. Air drying the granite worktop is best.

Regular sealing goes a long way

It is also important to do some regular sealing for your granite worktop so it can retain its strength and appearance. Sealing should be done about once a year, and you can do this with a specially-made granite sealer as well. However, when looking for a sealer, make sure that it is water-based to protect your granite worktop from staining or spotting. With the right sealer, your granite worktop can be further resistant to stains, spills, and food leftovers.

Granite worktops are indeed a great choice and are easy to maintain as well. For granite worktops, visit

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Looking for Child Room Inspirations? Let Them Make It with Minecraft!

Minecraft serversHere at House and Home blog, we are always looking for new ways to bring out our creative side, and give light to new home improvement designs and décor. A couple of days ago, I was at my sister’s house, and she had just finished a renovation of her son’s room, and I must say; it was amazing!

Before we get into how she created this awesome bedroom for her son, I should mention the game we’re talking about, Minecraft. Minecraft is a voxel-based game where you explore a procedurally generated world building, surviving, and fighting zombies on your computer or on Minecraft servers online. It’s a great game for people of all ages, and really great to help support a child’s creativity (and maybe find a new budding interior decorator in the process!).

Now, back to my nephew’s bedroom. Essentially, my sister had run into a wall when decorating her son’s room, even though she knew everything he liked. But that was the problem, he liked EVERYTHING. So when it came time to pick designs and start painting, she was frustrated.

What did she do you ask? Well, she asked my nephew what he wanted, and he said he wanted to build it in Minecraft. My sister thought: “What a great idea!”.

So she and my nephew sat down, and built his room inside of Minecraft. Then he proceeded to change the colors of the walls, carpet and paintings and décor as he pleased. After about an hour, he looked at her and said “I’m ready!”.

She realized quickly that many of his requests were out of reach, but found that going with the same coloring for the walls and carpet, and even getting the same red bedspread for his bed would be a great start. After just a few short days she said, he was living in his own little world of Minecraft.

My sister also took it a step further, and created some great window boxes for flowers outside of his windows, which contained flowers that he would find on his Minecraft server as he was exploring the world. She also took a few of his extra Lego Minecraft toys and added them to the window sill, and around his shelves so he could display his creations in the real world.

Mainly she credits Pinterest boards and places that sell Minecraft items for her inspiration, and the beautiful room her son created in his little world. I believe it’s still there, and that’s where he keeps his player when he is offline.

As we speak he’s probably off in a world all his own, building his own houses, remodeling landscaping areas to his needs, and enjoying the outdoors. It’s really interesting to see a child playing a game that has nothing to do with DIY or home improvement, yet is teaching him the basics of the process as he plays his little heart out.

Remember, a child spends a lot of time in their room during childhood, and it’s important for them to not only feel safe, but also inspired as well, so that they can become their own people, and find their own path toward happiness.