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10 Helpful Hints When Moving House For The First Time

January 1, 2017 by Posted in: Articles

Just the thought of moving is enough to make anyone panic. Thinking about all these time-consuming tasks you will have to get done doesn’t always gets everyone excited. First-time movers are especially more frightened as they only have others’ words to rely on regarding what moving truly feels like. But who said it has to be this stressful? If you pack smartly and have everything ready on time, it can be a life changing moment for you (in a good way).

So, if you are moving to a new place for the first time, here are 10 helpful hints to make the whole moving places daunting.

Keep Your Essentials Close:

Moving houses will drain every last drop of energy from you. Once done, all you will want to do is take a long nap and not be disturbed. But how will that sweet sleep come to you if you don’t have your eye patch with you? The thought of opening every box to find it will surely give you a headache, which is why many moving experts suggest keeping all your essentials close, such as in a handbag. This could include your lenses case, some snacks, medications, and 1-2 pair of clean clothes

Label Every Box for Ease:

Labelling is the most important chore when moving. Once you have packed all the boxes that you plan on taking along to your new house, have them labelled to avoid confusion as to what is in them once they have been moved to your new place.

Use Plastic Wrap A LOT:

Who says you have to empty every drawer and have it reset when you move into your new place? If you plan to go with the same setting, why not just have all of it plastic-wrapped? Sounds smart, doesn’t it? Remember; the real goal is to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of moving and procrastinate due to the fear of it. Look for all those smallest details that can help you save time.

Keep All Screws Separated And In Clear Sight:

You will have to deal with countless screws as you start to move. You will take down your curtains, have some cabinets unscrewed, and dismantle bathroom rods. All these will leave you with lots of screws of different shapes and sizes. Even if you have gathered them all at one place, their peculiar shapes and sizes can give you a headaches as you start to recall which one goes where. Have them separately packed in small packages or bubble wrap and label them too.

Vacuum -seal Your Wardrobe:

Get a big plastic bag instead of folding every piece of attire you own. Put it in the bag with the hanger still attached and simply vacuum-seal it. Not only will it save you a lot of space, you also won’t have to worry about hanging them back once again you shift into your new home.

Sell things You No Longer Need:

There will always be some items that are no longer of any use to you. Why bring them along to your new home when you can just sell them off or donate them to charity?

Colour Code All Boxes:

Labelling all your boxes is not enough. Why go through the effort of having each one opened to see what lays in it. Colour code them by mentioning what is in there and also in which room they need to be put in. That way, you will have a lot of free time on your hands.

Hire Help to Move Valuables:

First-time movers often make the mistake of DIY-ing everything. They think that they are competent and ready for the big move; that is until they are left with a cracked refrigerator, a broken washing machine door, and an impaired AC. There is a reason why the moving companies exist. Hire one and let them take care of your bigger investments.

Change Your Address:

Prior to moving, have your new address listed and ensure that all your relatives, friends, co-workers, and other important people you wish to stay in contact with know of your new address. Moreover, you will also have to get your new address registered at your bank, magazines subsection, TV, cable, and phone operators.

Defrost Everything in the Fridge:

This may seem like an unimportant chore, but trust us; it isn’t one. Defrost your refrigerator a night before moving and clean every last drop of water, unless you want a wet and sticky path of water to follow you at your new residence.