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Choose Slate Tile for Durable, Beautiful Flooring

November 17, 2016 by Posted in: Tiles


Flooring choices can be some of the most difficult choices you’ll make when renovating or designing a new room in your home. You want something that looks beautiful and complements your design, but is also functional, durable, and will stand up to high amounts of traffic over the years. Slate tile is an ideal choice that meets every one of these expectations.

Slate tile’s durability is one of its primary benefits. It’s harder than many other materials, which means it won’t show damage like chips, scratches or long-term everyday wear and tear. Unlike some other materials, it’s also water resistant, so you can put it in your bathroom or kitchen, and not worry about flooding or spills. If you’re still not sure, consider this: slate tile is even durable enough to be used outdoors, whether poolside or on the patio. If it can stand up to weather and the elements, it’ll be just fine in your mudroom or kitchen.

Function is a key priority for flooring, but beauty is equally as important. Slate tile exceeds expectations here as well. From browns and greys to reds and beiges to blues and greens, you’ll be able to find a color of this natural stone that fits beautifully into your space. You can even mix and match! Like all natural stones, slate tile offers a great opportunity to bring the outdoors indoors, but its range of versatile finishes also means that you can have a sleek, polished, contemporary look, a textured, rustic look, or something different altogether.

Slate tile is a worthy option whether you’re looking for a high-impact, colorful or textured design, a sleek, calming motif, or simple durable flooring. Outdoors or indoors, this natural stone material will complement your design while standing up to any wear and tear you toss its way.