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Monthly Archives: May 2016

What You should Remember about the Two Crucial Stages of Mortgage Application

Getting a mortgage may not be too difficult – there are, after all, plenty of mortgage lenders out there, all in competition with each other, so if you have a good credit rating and decent income you’re bound to come across a lending institution that will accept you application. However, getting the perfect mortgage for […]

Things that You Need When Packing Items

So, you have finally decided to leave your old house and move to a new place. You have found the perfect location and you have already sealed the deal. The only thing left to do now is to pack and leave. Though it seems like an easy thing to do, the truth is that it […]

What to Expect During a Home Renovation

While the long term benefits of a home remodel are surely worthwhile, the renovation itself can be an extremely stressful and arduous affair. Many people make the mistake of hiring contractors and jumping into the actual renovation process blindly, without much planning or preparation. However, it is important to truly know what you’re getting into […]

3 Must-Dos When it comes to Furniture Cleaning

Cleaning may not be your dream chore, but it’s got to be done.  We all know bathrooms can get grimy in no time and no one wants to eat from a gross kitchen, but are you ignoring your furniture?  Regular maintenance along with semi-annual deep cleaning keeps your furniture in tip-top shop shape, but it […]

Considerations for Re-modelling Your Concrete Garage

There are those that spend as little time as possible in the garage. Those who only use it practically, for storage purposes only, who see the single annual clean as a chore. Who see their garage as nothing but bricks and mortar, and want it to be nothing more. This article is not for you. […]